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Monday, August 6th 2012

1:13 PM

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Related article: Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 22:27:47 +0900
From: graemefjiinet.net.au
Subject: Child of the Theatre 2This work is a product of the author's imagination. Places, events and
people are either fictitious or used fictitiously and any resemblance to
real events, places, or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.The author retains full copyright to the material, and sincerely hopes you
like it!If you have something to say about it that isn't flaming me then
email me at: Caleb
Sim opened the door to the dressing room as Mrs. Jordan ascended the spiral
staircase from the stage floor. She swept into the room, and he handed her
a glass of sherry, and then training young dogs busied himself removing her wig. While she
sipped the sherry, he young dutch teens began deftly to unbutton her costume so that she
could easily step out of it. "A good house, ma'am?" he asked as he undressed her."Very good," she answered cordially, "and I do believe it was one of the
best performances I have given these many weeks." Sim smiled, "So Kate Hardcastle is no longer tedious, ma'am?"She laughed. "I never said she was tedious, Sim, merely that I am getting
too old to play the role." "Still," he said, "they love you in the part. You have made it
your own."He began to unlace her and she sighed as the stays were loosened. She
watched him in the mirror as he worked. He was dressed in his new set of
evening clothes - in his shirtsleeves. His new coat of dark blue superfine
was on a hanger convenient to the door. She observed his speedy
efficiency. "If I know the man," she observed, "he will have been waiting these
thirty minutes." "I think so too, ma'am, and I am loathe to keep him waiting a
moment longer than necessary."She maneuvered the corset from her body and said gently, "Then you had
better go. It does not do to keep a gentleman waiting." Sim was surprised. "Ma'am?""Go. Go." She said. "I can finish up here." Sim's face was wreathed in smiles. "Thank you, ma'am." And he
hurriedly donned the new coat and dashed out of the dressing room,
adjusting his shirt collar and cuffs as he spiraled down the staircase. He
ran across the stage floor to the stage door, calling goodnight to the
various men who worked there. When he approached the stage door, he
halted, took a breath and at a more stately pace, made his way to the young porno photos alley
outside. He looked young nudes net around into the darkness. A wave of disappointment
choked him. The Lieutenant was not there. He hesitated, at a loss to know
what to do. A voice came out of the darkness. "Have you lost something, sir?"Sim whirled around. The Lieutenant stepped out of the darkness free young boys and smiled
at him. No wonder Sim had missed him in the dark. His dark blue boat
cloak was wrapped around him so amateur young bikini that all that was visible was his face.Sim smiled foolishly. "I feared I had missed you, sir.""And I, sir, feared you were not coming." The Lieutenant replied gravely. Sim moved towards him as though to embrace him, but stopped himself
remembering where he was. He realized then it was raining softly. He
looked up at the sky. "I should have brought an umbrella," he said in dismay, "My new coat will
be ruined." The officer laughed gently. "Never fear, my young fop," he said,
"the navy will contrive." And he threw the boat cloak around the both of
them, drawing Sim close to him. Sim gasped at the intimacy, but the
Lieutenant seemed quite matter-of-fact about the arrangement."Come," he said, "I have a cab waiting." He held the cloak around Sim's
shoulders, and they made their way down the alley to the main street where
a hackney was standing, the horse and the driver, wearing many shoulder
capes, were silhouetted against the flickering street lamp lights. They scrambled into the carriage, and the Lieutenant said to the
driver, "Back to Gloucester Road," and the cab lurched into movement. The
rain began to fall steadily and officer arranged the cloak over their legs,
and then, to Sim's delight, put his arm around his shoulders and drew him
close. beautiful young teen Sim's cheek rubbed against the scratchy wool of the shoulder of the
man's uniform. A thought occurred to him. "Gervase?""What is it?" came the quiet reply. "Is this the uniform you fought the French in?""When I was wounded?" Sim nodded. The Lieutenant laughed quietly."Actually," he said, "I fought bare-chested. It was the Indies, remember,
and a uniform coat would only young tight
have impeded my swinging a sabre, besides
being devilish hot."Sim tried to snuggle into the Lieutenant, but once again his new breeches
betrayed him and began painfully to constrict his growing erection. He
wriggled and squirmed trying to accommodate his stiffness. "What is it?" asked his companion, "Have youngest boys toplist
you got ants younger anal in your
breeches.""Not ants," answered Sim, embarrassed, "but something much larger that
keeps getting... much larger." The Lieutenant was silent for a moment, and then began to chuckle,
and the chuckling turned into laughter. "If you can muzzle the monster, we
have not far to go." He kept chuckling as Sim, not bothering to younglove tgp conceal
his actions, tried to african young nudes find a comfortable position. With his arm lying idly
across Sim's shoulders, the Lieutenant gazed into the weeping streets,
sparing his companion the mortification of laughing in his face, although
he kept chuckling as the cab bowled along. "It's not funny, Gervase," Sim said crossly, "I could do myself a
mischief.""Let this be a lesson to you, Sir Vanity," his companion said. "The next
time you buy your breeches, let comfort not fashion be your guide." Sim said loftily, "For your young phedophilia cunt information, Sir Smugness, I didn't buy
these breeches, I tailored them for myself." The Lieutenant turned his head, trying to see Sim in the dark.
"Did you, b'God? Then the lesson is doubly applicable. You have no one to
blame but yourself." Though smilingly said, that sounded suspiciously to Sim like a
reprimand.He said, in a small voice, "I thought they looked well on me."The man laughed quietly artistic young nudes
and drew Sim very close and, pressing his mouth
into Sim's copper hair, whispered, " So did I, my Simkin. So did I."Sim closed his eyes in contentment at the intimacy. Without his meaning
it, his hand fell to the Lieutenant's lap, and he realized with a jolt he
was touching the man's most intimate part. He gasped and quickly withdrew
his hand. The officer laughed.Sim said daringly, artistic young nudes
"You seem well able to contain the ravening beast,
Gervase." "Ah," instantly replied his companion, " use is everything. 'Tis
not an uncommon affliction for us gentlemen of the Senior Service." "But how do you manage to conceal such ... such forwardness?""Well," said the Lieutenant wisely, "when all suffer the same affliction,
then none is singled out. Besides, the men of the navy are very tolerant
of the appetites of their fellow sailors since all share these appetites
and all share equally the same recompense." "Sodomy and the lash, sir?"The Lieutenant was suddenly silent. He whispered fiercely, "I swear to
you, Simkin, I have never ordered a flogging in my entire career." Sim smiled and laid his cheek on the man's shoulder. "I never
supposed you had, sir." Then after a pause, he asked slyly, "And the
other, sir?" Sim sensed the man was slightly shocked, but he laughed - a very
intimate laugh. Then he said, very quietly, "Did you know there is an unspoken
agreement within the navy? That, if a ship has been at sea for a year and
a day, then certain activities among the crew are winked at by the
officers?" "Like buggery, Gervase?"The Lieutenant laughed. "It has been known to happen. Among other things." Sim was instantly intrigued. "What other things?"The Lieutenant positioned his mouth close sunny young sluts to Sim's ear and whispered,
"Perhaps I will show you - later, when we are alone and I have you
compleeeeatly in my power." hot young virgins And his tongue touched the inside of Sim's ear. Sim drew a shuddering breath of young lollitas nude pleasure, and deliberately reached his
hand down and gently caressed the man's muscled thigh, touching with his
fingertips the soft hardness of his swollen member. It was the
Lieutenant's turn to gasp and laugh. He maneuvered his hips so that he was
beyond the touch of those wicked fingers. He looked out and said, "We're
here now."Sim looked around with interest. As the cab jolted to a halt, the
Lieutenant indicated a portico of a solid, discreet looking brick building.
He threw the cloak around Sim sunny young sluts and said, "Go. Wait you under the shelter."
Sim clambered down from the cab and made a dash through the teeming rain
till he gained the portico, where he looked chubby young girl back to the cab. The
Lieutenant was paying the cabbie and then dashed to join Sim outside the
front door. With his key, he let them in. The vestibule of the building was lit by a single candle in a large
candlestick on a side table. Crowded round the candlestick, were smaller
portable candles in holders, like so many chickens round a mother hen.The Lieutenant took one of the small candles and lit it from the large
candle, then said quietly to Sim, "My rooms are on the second floor." In
the flickering light, Sim preceded him up the solid, polished timber
staircase still wearing the boat cloak, dragging it on the stairs behind
him.The Lieutenant's rooms were a surprise to Sim. He had expected something
like Mrs. Jordan's dressing young black room, but the main room was fitted out very
neatly and cunningly, and lit by the fire burning low in the fireplace.
With the candle he carried, the Lieutenant lit several candles about the
room and Sim looked around with great interest. It was obviously a man's
room - oak paneling, many books and polished brass naval paraphernalia. A
cold supper under dish covers was laid out on a sideboard. The Lieutenant
stoked the fire and said, "Come to the fire and warm up," and he took the
cloak from around Sim's shoulders."I must confess, Gervase," said Sim as he warmed his hands by the fire, "I
am rather hungry."The Lieutenant flashed him a smile and said, "In a moment. There's
something I have to do first." Sim looked around with interest and was startled when the man moved across
to him, took him in his arms and kissed young bbw
him - a long heartfelt and
possessive kiss. Surprise rendered Sim unresponsive at first, then he
melted into the officer's arms and clung to his lover, pressing his body to
the Lieutenant's and returning the kiss with as much fire and passion as he
received.They broke apart after a long time, both panting slightly.With their arms still around each other, they looked into each other's
eyes, both at the same time laughing the same quiet laugh of recognition,
excitement and desire. Sim began efficiently to unbutton the officer's
dark blue young bj coat, never fumbling with the large gilt buttons. As soon as the
coat was opened, he did the same to the white jean waistcoat. The Lieutenant, laughing intimately, said, "I see now the skill of
your profession." And he stood with his large hands on Sim's shoulders,
watching the deftness of his nimble fingers. Sim said, "I am a treasure hunter, sir," and he quickly and
efficiently hot young virgins chubby young girl opened the waistcoat and untied the long white neckerchief. He
looked into the man's eyes and dramatically parted the ruffles of his shirt
revealing the column of his neck and the top of his bared chest, saying,
"And this is the treasure I seek..." Then he leant slowly forward and
pressed his lips to the base of the Lieutenant's throat. Under the thrill of the kiss, the Lieutenant breathed raggedly and
muttered, "Sweet Jesus!" as Sim began sliding kisses over the bare chest.
He grasped Sim by a fistful of copper hair, and pulled his head back, and
looked into his face. Sim watched him with open panting mouth and eyes
hooded with lust. Ruthlessly, the Lieutenant crushed his mouth to Sim's
invading it with his tongue, and his free hand slid over Sim's hips till he
deliberately cupped Sim's private parts and massaged the enormity of his
erection.They broke apart again, but the Lieutenant still held him close, and still
massaged his engorged member. "Are you still hungry, beloved?" The Lieutenant asked huskily.In the throes of chaotic sensation, Sim answered with a foolish grin, "Not
for food. O God. Gervase," he gasped, "have mercy. These breeches are new.
I shall befoul them with my sap if you continue." He pushed himself out of the reach of the Lieutenant, and then began
immediately to divest himself of his clothes. The Lieutenant watched him,
amused that a professional dresser should make such a muddle of his own
undressing. Sim shed his treasured coat and half unbuttoned his waistcoat;
he hopped around on one younglove tgp leg after the other as he wrenched his top boots
off and he fumbled at the buttons of the front fall of his breeches and
tried to lower them till he realized he had not unbuckled them at the
knees. Vastly amused, the Lieutenant cried, "Stop. Stop. You're making
such a mull of it!" Sim stopped his thrashing about and looked at him,
panting with large eyes like an owl. The Lieutenant slowly came within
reach of him and gently eased the waistcoat from his torso and then
crouched down to unbuckle his breeches, taking time occasionally to nuzzle
his private parts. He then lowered the breeches so that Sim stepped out of
them. Looking up into Sim's face, he put his thumbs into the waist of
Sim's drawers, and gently eased them over the turgid member, and slid them
down to his ankles. He rolled down the stockings and, as Sim lifted one
foot after the other, removed the breeches young african girl and the stockings. Sim stood,
clad only in his voluminous dress shirt, not knowing what to do with his
hands. The Lieutenant stood, and looking Sim in the eyes, placed his large
hands on Sim's smooth flanks and slid them upwards, divesting Sim of the
fine linen shirt as Sim raised his arms to facilitate him. Sim was now
completely naked. He crossed his arms over his chest to provide a little
warmth, seeming unconscious of the nakedness of his lower torso where his
outsized organ hooked stiffly, upwards and out from the explosion of
red-gold hair at his groin. The Lieutenant gazed awe-struck at Sim's perfect beauty - ivory
pale in the candlelight, and muscled young latina pussy
like a marble statue of some young
god. Sim just looked at him, smiling slightly, a little bit shy, a little
bit wanton, but mostly seeking the Lieutenant's approval. With a fixed look of wonder on his face, the officer slowly began
to younge modles strip off his clothes, until he, too stood naked with his back to the
fire. Although both were young men in their prime, Sim had the fine
muscled body of a stripling, while the Lieutenant was more mature in build,
bulkier, more heavily muscled, craggier.Sim approached him almost with reverence, and he stretched out his hand and
slowly ran his fingertips down the Lieutenant's torso, starting at his wide
shoulders. The officer watched him impassively, and Sim followed his
fingers over the slab-like chest ruffling the swirling hair, over his rocky
stomach till his fingers young asian lesbians curled through the luxuriant black springy hair at
the base of the man's huge straining organ. He grasped this organ in
wonder, sliding his palm to the broad tip, which was wet and slippery under
his touch. The Lieutenant reached out and gently pulled Sim to him, wrapped
his arms around him, and his hands explored Sim's back, descending to his
high round buttocks until his young teens 17yo fingers caressed the cleft of his
fundament. Sim spread his thighs slightly to ease the Lieutenant's access. "Is this one of those mysterious forbidden pleasures of the navy,
sir?" Sim murmured archly. The Lieutenant laughed gently. "Mysterious? Perhaps. Forbidden?
Most assuredly. hot young virgins But very very much a pleasure." And one of his fingers
wickedly circled Sim's fundament. Sim gasped and clung to his lover. He
felt the man's insistent hardness burning against his belly.The officer whispered with his mouth close to Sim's ear, "I would have you.
Now." And he scooped Sim up into his arms and effortlessly carried him
curled into a ball, into the shadowed bedroom. He gently laid Sim on the
bed and climbed over him on his hands and knees. He kissed Sim many times
and then murmured, "There will be pain..." Sim ran the palms of his hands up and down the Lieutenant's rocky
arms."I am no virgin, Gervase," he whispered, "Like every man in the theatre I
have experienced the ways of Sodom on more than one occasion, and have
grown partial to being stretched and plumbed. Do not fear that I am too
fragile." His lover nuzzled the base of his throat and said, "It seems then,
my wanton, we both have been prepared for this moment - you, as a child of
the theatre, and I, as a son of the navy, for I have been taught by masters
to delight in planting my staff in the warm depths of a man's arse."Sim giggled and raised his pelvis towards the officer so that their stiff
organs began dueling. They played at dueling for several minutes, the
Lieutenant on top, Sim below. Long sticky trails of clear slime began to
form a criss-cross of spider webs joining one to the other, and all the
while they giggled and chuckled like school boys, engrossed in their
naughtiness, till suddenly the officer raised himself, kneeling on the bed,
his muscled thighs apart, with Sim prone between them. Sim fondled the
man's staff and bollocks with both hands, while the Lieutenant leaned over
suddenly to the small table beside the bed and took up a small glass jar. Grinning wickedly, he held it in front of Sim's face and
deliberately dipped his finger into the jar. He waved the finger under
Sim's nose, and Sim breathed in the sweet aroma of lavender. "What is it?" he asked.The Lieutenant kissed him on the mouth and then said, "This will ease the
passage of love." And he reached down between his legs and unerringly
placed that finger on Sim's fundament. Sim gasped. It was cold. The
Lieutenant murmured, "Gently, my love," as the finger swirled round and
round and delicately invaded Sim's hole, greasing it up with the scented
ointment. Sim found the sensation wonderful. The scent of lavender filled
the air. All he could do was vocalize a long, "Aaaah!" as the Lieutenant
tenderly prepared him for penetration. Then the Lieutenant raised himself
up again and applied a generous dollop of the ointment to the blunt end of
his organ and maneuvered his hips till Sim suddenly felt the hot tip
slithering in the cleft of his buttocks. The Lieutenant slid his large hands under Sim's shoulders and said,
"And now I plant my flag." And he pressed his organ to Sim's hole. The
pressure was slow but unrelenting, and Sim gasped as he felt the large head
pop through the threshold of his chute. Slowly, very young upskirts slowly the Lieutenant kept
advancing, and Sim felt like a balloon gradually being filled with air.
There was pain, but it was bearable and the pain was soon muffled by the
wonder of the warmth and intimacy he was feeling. He sank his fingers into
the Lieutenant's rocky shoulders as the wide pole kept up it's slow
advance, until, when he thought he could be stretched no further, he felt
the man's wiry bush rubbing his buttocks.With open mouth and stentorious breathing, Sim felt his body of its own
accord begin to undulate to the slow rhythm of the Lieutenant's movement,
as the Lieutenant began the long measured tread of the dance of love -
moving his hips sensually back and forth, playing Sim's body like a musical
instrument, with Sim responding with groans and gasps. The Lieutenant
watched Sim through slitted eyes, leaning forward so that their breath
mingled. They moved together as one. Sim lifted his legs around the small
of the Lieutenant's back and his fingers raked and massaged the deep back
muscles of the man's young asian lesbians
shoulders, and still the Lieutenant continued his deep
rhythmic thrusting, bending forward to plant sucking kisses on Sim's neck
and shoulders. He murmured, "My love, my love," chanting quietly following the
rhythm of his thrusting, and rippling the hard muscles of his stomach so
that he caressed the length of Sim's swollen organ which was pressed
between their bodies.Sim's orgasm started deep within his bowels and spread throughout his lower
body, until it flowered in a quaking explosion through his organ causing
their bellies to slip and slide together as he moved wildly under the
sweating body of his lover. He cried out and was joined by the officer as
he, too, spewed his seed deep into the deepest recesses of Sim's body. And then it was over. The Lieutenant collapsed on top of Sim's
naked body, sweating and panting, while Sim began a drowsy contented
giggling, holding the man fast to him. When the officer began to move, Sim
held him young illegal movies
tighter, whispering, "Stay in me! Stay in me!" and he kissed the
man deeply, on the young bbw
lips, his beautiful young teen
tongue invading the Lieutenant's mouth as he
ran his hands over his back, savoring the steel in him. He clutched the
back of the Lieutenant's head, his fingers encircling the stubby
ribbon-bound queue, holding their faces together. When at last they broke the kiss, Sim said wistfully, " I wanted it
to last longer - I could not hold back."The Lieutenant whispered, "You held back until exactly the right moment, my
love, for your culmination matched mine to perfection."Sim felt strange emotions, somewhere between crying and laughing.They lay in euphoric contentment for several minutes, then the Lieutenant
sighed and slowly rolled off Sim, his rapidly softening organ leaving Sim
with a slight pop. He twisted his body and engulfed youngest boys toplist
Sim's organ with his
mouth. Sim cried out. The pleasure was an agony almost too exquisite to
bear. He was shocked to feel that his organ once again began to stiffen."Gervase, I cannot. Not so soon."The Lieutenant broke off from his relentless sucking. "And now, my love,
you will see what the navy is famous for." And he rose up and straddled Sim
on his hands and knees, his enormous organ dangling over Sim's face, while
he continued kissing and licking and sucking Sim's own organ. Sim felt the
large hot head of the member enticingly rubbing his face and cheeks, and in
an action that seemed as natural as the seasons passing, he opened his
mouth and accepted it. The Lieutenant began to lower and raise his hips,
sliding the organ in and out of Sim's eager mouth, while his own mouth
performed its magic on Sim. In no time at all, it seemed, they each of
them rewarded the other with copious doses of love.Sim awoke with a start. The night was still dark. The candles in the
other room had burnt out but there was a slight flickering light from the
fire. He heard the rain on the roof, and felt the Lieutenant's warm breath
on his neck. He was so comfortable, so content that he did not want to
move, though he sensed that dawn was near and he realized that he must
leave very soon before the household had risen. He shook the Lieutenant
softly. "Gervase," he said softly, "wake up. Wake up."His sailor lover mumbled and stirred, scraping Sim's bare chest with his
stubbled chin."Gervase, I must go," Sim said urgently. The Lieutenant's beautiful eyes opened. "Stay," he said, "Stay
with me. I cannot lose you now. Not now." Sim gently stroked his hair. "You will not lose me, love." He
said. "But I must go - while it is still dark - no one must see me." "But I want the world to see you," the Lieutenant said, "I want the
world to see us - together." "No, Gervase," Sim said laughingly, but firmly, "you would never
survive the scandal. No. I must go, and be hot young virgins
away from here before the sun
rises." And he crawled over his lover and moved, naked, to the next room.
He hunted around in the dim flickering light and found his clothes, while
the Lieutenant, naked also, began to light young lollitas nude the candles. Sim was very quick and efficient in getting dressed, far more
efficient than with his undressing. When he was finished, he stood and
looked at his lover, who was watching him forlornly. "Gervase," said Sim quietly, "I shall ever remember this night. You
have given me a taste of honey." "No." The Lieutenant replied harshly. "Do not speak as though we
shall not meet again. Do not, I beg you." And he moved across the room the
room and fiercely embraced him. Sim said, as he lingered in the embrace, "One of us, I fear, must
be sensible. Of course we shall meet again, but we must meet without
...expectation, as close but indifferent friends. You must remember your
family, Mr. Levison, and your career, and if you cannot, then I must
remember for you." He grinned suddenly. "And remember also, you still owe
me a meal, and I shall hold you to it."One final kiss and he was gone.He had to young angel thumbs
run through the dark streets from shelter to shelter in the rain,
but he had no thought of his clothes being ruined. His heart was light and
his feet scarce seemed to touch the cobbles. Besides, the rain seemed to
be easing. At that time of morning, there was no chance of picking younger anal up a
cab, but his sense of direction was good and within half an hour he was in
the vicinity of Drury Lane where he had his lodging. Sim had taken young teens galls a room in an old-fashioned building that used to be a
coaching house, but in more recent times it had been converted into a
private rooming house. Its location made it the prime residence of the
whores who frequented the streets around Drury Lane. With the exception of
a few elderly relicts, Sim believed that he was the only male who had a
room in the building. It suited him very well. The rent was cheap and his
neighbors were friendly and discreet, minding their own business and
ignoring his. He was able to attend to his duties at the theatre with the
minimum of inconvenience to himself.Dawn was breaking, and, as he mounted the outside staircase to his room,
Sim heard a merry call. "Wotcha Simmy!" He looked up to the balcony above.
In the early morning light he saw a tousled head looking down at him. He
laughed and waved. He climbed the staircase to the next level and was greeted with the
sight of one of Drury Lane's Vestals waving at him vigorously and she ran
to meet him. "You're up early, Belle," he said."I ain't been to sleep, Simmy. Still workin' " She pointed back along
balcony to her client, a figure half hidden in the doorway. "Why aren't you with him?" Sim asked."Gotta piss," she said, "Can't stop." He stood aside, and as she passed
she shot him a mischievous look and said, "You smell like you had a good
time." Sim flushed red, suddenly aware that having become heated by
hurrying away from Gloucester Street, he now reeked of sweat, lavender and
the fluids of love. He immediately decided he would have to wash at once.
He hurried to his room, passing as he did so, Belle's room where the man,
bare-chested and smoking a cigarillo, watched him with an inscrutable
expression. Sim paused under his gaze, young teens 17yo and he nodded a slight bow. The
man gave no sign of recognition, but still gazed at him impassively and
blew a cloud of smoke. Sim recognized his breeches as military, but he was
not so familiar with official colors and patterns that he could name the
man's regiment. He hurried to young nudes net his room where he carefully removed his clothes, and
wearing only his small clothes, he made his way to the washroom at the end
of the balcony. He disliked washing in cold water, but there was none hot
ready to be very young upskirts used, and he felt washing was of the first priority. He had a
quick and not very satisfactory sponge bath. Later in the day he would
visit one of the public bathhouses to have a more thorough bath, but until
then, this sponge bath would have to suffice. Because there was no one
else about, he daringly lowered his drawers and thoroughly washed his
nether regions, paying particular attention to the oozings from his
fundament. When at last he was finished, he toweled himself dry and
returned to his room. As he stepped out on the balcony, he saw that Belle's customer had left
her room and was sitting on the balcony rail, smoking. He watched Sim as
he left the washroom, and Sim began to feel a little uncomfortable under
this scrutiny. He ignored the man and entered his room and flopped on his
bed. He suddenly felt weary having had little sleep. Fortunately there
was no day performance so he was not wanted at the theatre until late
afternoon.Over the next two days, Sim had only one communication from the Lieutenant.
It was a letter that said merely, "My thanks, love." And was signed "G".
Laconic though this was, it brought a warm glow to Sim, and he carried the
letter around like a talisman next to his heart, even though he half
laughed at himself for such girlish sentimentality.Mrs. Jordan was immediately aware of the change in him. He was distracted
and wore a little smile, naked young sisters even when discharging his duties as her dresser.
Because she was, at heart, a kind woman, she forbore to refine upon it,
deciding that any comment she might make would only make him uncomfortable
and embarrassed.One evening soon after, about an hour before the performance was due to
begin, Harry the assistant stage manager banged on the dressing room door
and called out, "Visitor to see you Simmy!"Mrs. Jordan was a little shocked to see the sudden change that came over
her dresser. He grinned and flushed and she gave him a speaking look. He
hurried to the door and opened it and asked Harry, rather breathlessly,
"Who is it, Harry?" Harry answered chirpily, "Captain Levison."Sim laughed, "Lieutenant Levison, I think, Harry." "Nah," said Harry, "Captain. Military geezer. Left his card." And
he handed Sim a card and disappeared. Sim looked at the card without seeing it, so great was his shock.He looked at Mrs. Jordan. "Military?" She snatched the card from his
lifeless fingers. "Captain James Levison." She read.After a moment of reflection, she said, "Saltash's name is James. bbw on young
must be his grandson." Sim felt a shadow of foreboding. "A relation?" He asked.She looked at him. "How could he know?" Sim shook his head in complete
ignorance. She said, "You'll have to see him."Sim snapped out young nudes net of his stupor and shrugged into his coat. She stopped him
before he left. "Sim. Be warned. There is a streak of ... unsteadiness in Saltash,
which, from all reports, his heir has inherited. I pray you - take care." Sim smiled a wan smile. "I will, ma'am, and I thank you."He had a terrible sense of déjà vu as he descended the spiral staircase and
approached the green room. Holding the card in his hand, he entered the
room. There was only one man younglove tgp
there - a soldier in full regimentals. The
First Life Guards, Sim recognized immediately. Taking a breath he said as
pleasantly as he could, "Captain Levison?"The man looked at him impassively, and Sim recognizes, with a jolt, the man
who had been Belle's client, who had watched him going to and fro to the
washroom.The Captain said harshly, "Your name is Tregear?"Sim raised his eyebrows slightly. "Simkin Tregear. Yes sir. Can I be of
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Monday, August 6th 2012

12:00 AM

Welcome to your new Bravenet Blog.

  • Mood: Excited!
You can maintain your blog by logging in to your Bravenet account. Once you are logged in you can customize the layout, colors, and features. In addition, you can add your own links, edit your profile, add your friends, and change many other options to personalize your blog.

Once you begin using your blog, you can view statistics in your members area to see how many people are reading your blog as well as where they come from.

We hope you enjoy your Blog. Be sure to tell all your friends about this great new service from Bravenet!
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